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Vienna and the death

Death is part of life. Nowhere is it celebrated like in Vienna. About piety as a business model.
Death, that must be a Viennese. Where else do the realms of the dead, such as the Capuchin Crypt, where the mortal remains of the Habsburgs rest, or the Karner, with its 11,000 skeletons under St. Stephen's Cathedral, belong to the most visited sights in a city? Where are there people who distribute business cards with the address of their last resting place? Where do you sing at the Glaserl wine: "It will be a wine, and you will never be mine"? Where do people stand in rows of three, if - as in the funeral museum at the Open House - test loops in the coffin is offered? The museum director Keller says: "In Vienna, death is always there, he is like his own shadow, in the Wienerlied he is put on a par with the beautiful girl, he is the grim reaper, with whom one lives, according to the motto: who him he can not do anything to him. " And if he does come, then he will be honored. brand eins magazine